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Commercial Window Film

3M™ Window Films improve property value, appearance and:

  • energy efficiency while enhancing your building’s appearance.
  • give windows a uniform look without the clutter of drapes and blinds.
  • make your building more attractive to tenants.
  • allow for more usable space in the building.

3M Window Films improve comfort and:

  • stop much of the sun’s heat from entering your building.
  • reduce heat loss in cooler climates.
  • prevent areas near windows from becoming hot and cold spots.
  • reduce temperature imbalances throughout your building.
  • control the amount of bright sunlight entering a window.
  • can reduce eyestrain and fatigue associated with glare.
  • reduce the number of tenant complaints regarding comfort.

3M Window Films reduce HVAC operational costs and:

  • sharply reduce the amount of solar heat entering your building.
  • provide energy savings of up to one ton of AC for every 100 sq. ft. of sunlit windows.
  • extend the life of HVAC systems by saving wear and tear and associated maintenance.

3M Window Films improve safety and:

  • their shatter-resistant protection can significantly reduce personal injuries and potential liability.
  • offer added protection against wind, water, violent weather, explosion and accidents.
  • seal out most wind and water, even when glass is broken.
  • meet ANSI Z97 and CPSC glazing standards.

3M Window Films reduce damage caused by fading and:

  • reduce heat, ultraviolet and visible light — the main contributors to fading.
  • help maintain the appearance of carpeting, woodwork and furnishings.
  • keep the interior of your building looking newer longer.

Checkout the video below to see how 3M safety and security film can help you business from break-ins!

Residential Window Film

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Live comfortably in every room of your home with 3M™ Window Films. Whether you're concerned about excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, security or privacy, we have a window film to help you enhanced the comfort of your home.