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Xtreme Grafix has a complete line of outdoor displays.

The MONDO Flagpole is ideal for outdoor* events, conferences, sports events, etc. The telescopic aluminum flagpole fits into a plastic base that can be filled with water for stability. Available in 2 sizes and numerous configurations, the Mondo Flagpoles are a great way to make a big impression at your next event.

*Stable in moderate winds up to 32 mph

The ZEPHYR Outdoor Banner Stand supports 2’x5’ to 3’x6’ banners with grommets. The base can be filled with water to add extra weight for outdoor display. A double sided option is available for back to back banner display.

These outdoor banner stands are able to withstand wind to prevent tipping or falling. A spike base for in-ground display is available in addition to or instead of the standard X-base. An optional water bag is available for the X-base to provide additional weight.

BLAST - Portable Outdoor Flag System
Blast is a portable outdoor flag system that is designed to display up to 5 flags simultaneously. The 20' reach of the flagpoles will make a dramatic statement at your conference or event! Blast will withstand winds up to 20 mph. when anchored into the ground. Streamers or smaller flags can be added for a different look. The bungee corded poles are fabricated from a hybrid aluminum/steel. The powder coated base comes complete with 4 ground stakes and a rubber mallet.

MONSOON Double-Sided BillboardA semi-portable, double-sided billboard that features a strong frame that is quick and easy to assemble. Typically, a vinyl banner is secured in place with bungee rope looped through banner grommets.

SPINAKER - Portable Billboard
A versatile indoor/outdoor billboard that can be used for single and double sided presentation. With a maximum graphic area of 8" wide x 8' high (weather and wind conditions permitting), its an ideal promotional solution for outdoor events, advertisements, exhibitions and public areas such as airports and shopping centers. Units can be linked together for added visual impact.


This blimp is available in 20, 24 & 30 foot long models and is manufactured from urethane coated nylon material. This material is 3 layers thick with an outer urethane coating for UV protection, middle nylon material for strength and internal urethane coating for helium retention. This blimp is made from the finest materials available and with the greatest amount of aerodynamics. This blimp is great for extended outdoor use, fairs, festivals, trade shows, sports sponsorships, and special events. Designed to be flown in winds of 30 - 40 MPH. There is no better blimp available on the market!

Artwork is painted on the balloon with a specially made urethane based paint that is flexible and becomes part of the balloon. Our paint will never crack or peel like other companies and will never peel or wrinkle like stickers will. The artwork is digitally applied so all lettering and logos match perfectly.

This blimp comes as a complete package and includes the following:

- 20 foot X 6.5 foot white bodied blimp
- 4 colored tail fins w/choice of blue, orange, yellow, red, black, orange - other colors upon request.
- Harness ropes attached to blimp
- 165 foot nylon tether line
- 5 foot inflation hose to transfer helium from tank to blimp

Take a look at our different outdoor display options here and in our store. If you need something different please contact our representative to go over your project so we can show you some of our custom booth options.